A Perspicuous Violin

A Perspicuous Violin

Followed, being abashed, god light

Rather was creeping in aloof night

And bungled life turns in memories

Searching story of my desire seize

That was yesterday greet of sorrow

And today is last day for tomorrow

Sitting in sets of casual shout of air

Throwing dust of sadness on my hair

And when legs are bound by rack

Then no dream is saved on break

The faiths have been fainted on

Cause mirage looks heavy upon

Back of violin perspicuous emotion

Since almighty ignores my devotion

And when breath of my soul falls quite

Then find a distant way far of disquiet

I bear the unborn dream of love

Sinks from torn stream of shore

And that awful notes that I wrote

Have been failure forms of quote

Which were put in silence deep

On anxious pot of mind on weep

And inward the frosty breath lies

Outward on skin dew drop belies

And twin towns of your heart to me

Aligned to own as ever parts to be

The dreams can be slaved to words

When carpet of conditions forwards


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